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Essential oils must be diluted in a carrier or base-oil before using. They should not be taken internally and are for adult use only.

Safety Precautions:

A patch test on the skin should be conducted prior to using any essential oil.   Do not apply undiluted essential oils, absolutes, CO2 or other concentrated essences onto the skin. If you are pregnant, an epileptic, have liver damage, cancer or any other medical condition, only use oils under the direct supervision of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Do not use essential oils on children under any circumstances.

If You Have Allergies:

Do not use any herbal or essential oil product without conducting a skin patch test first; especially if you have sensitive skin or plant allergies. Conduct a patch test by using a small amount of the herb or essential oil on the inside of the arm. If redness or rash appears, discontinue use and wash area using oatmeal (or Aveeno) to relieve itchiness.

Don’t forget that your health and your body are your personal responsibility. Pay attention to your body, listen to it, respect it, take care of it, nourish it, and you will benefit from it for a long time.


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