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The other day I was on the phone with my sister recounting a recent conversation I had with a young woman who found me on the internet.  I shared with my sister, although, I was able to help this caller; on a certain level I felt somewhat helpless.  I found myself speaking with a very frightened young lady on the telephone.  Although, I had never spoken with her before the conversation was very familiar to me.  She said, “Ms. Anderson, please help me, I’m 25 years old and I’m losing my hair…I’ve tried EVERYTHING and I don’t know what to do!”  Now to me this was a hair emergency…911 and just like any other professionally trained first responder I sprung into action.

Initially, I felt the need to calm the caller in order to help her.  My clientele (whether I’ve met them or not) have the confidence in my expertise in the first aid of hair to provide critical help to them in an emergency.  I don’t take that lightly.  I know just like in a “medical” emergency the sooner help arrives in a “hair” emergency the chances of survival and recovery increases.

First, as always I asked her about symptoms and specifically what she was experiencing.  It is not uncommon to hear that someone is losing hair; however, depending on the reason some hair loss is very natural and to be expected.  Next, I assessed the information she shared with me to determine if hair loss was indeed present.   It was – so my next step was to deduce whether she had a case of hair breakage, hair shedding, premature balding and if the strands of the hair she lost were long or short, etc.  I asked specifics about how she maintains her hair and what her hair care regimen was.  Is her hair natural, relaxed, color treated, etc?  I wanted to know if she experienced anything traumatic recently, new medications, recent illnesses, her dietary intake…whew.  These are only a few of the questions I ask during my consultations in my treatment center.

After speaking with this young lady I was able to determine that she was experiencing excessive shedding as a result of a recent application of a relaxer.  After having her hair professionally relaxed a few weeks prior she decided to give herself a “touch-up” with a box kit relaxer at home.  Well, I won’t get on my soap box now about chemicals and applying them yourself at home.  I’ll save that for another time.  Without the benefit of being able to access her hair and scalp personally, I was able to share my findings with her based on the information she provided.  My diagnosis: her hair was over processed and highly porous.

I heard a sigh of relief when I shared with the young lady that I had a product that I used at my treatment center that would stop her excessive shedding in 5 days.  She was especially interested when I explained that it came with a money back guarantee.  I instructed her how to go to my website to purchase the Revitalize™ All Natural Hair Care System.  She was extremely excited and once again had confidence that she would recover from this.

The reason that I shared this conversation with my sister is that I felt somewhat helpless.  The fact is I will probably never get the opportunity to meet this young lady.  Unless someone is able to find my website, YouTube channel, videos, books, they may never have the opportunity to get the help they need.  I wrote this book for you and I want you to read this information and get help.  Many times people realize they have a problem but they don’t know where to go or what to do.  Chances are you’re suffering needlessly.

It is imperative to determine the cause of your hair loss.  Knowing how to distinguish between hair breakage and hair shedding is paramount in the pursuit of a healthy mane.  A lot of people use the terms reciprocally as they reference any type of hair that falls from the scalp.  Not knowing the difference can be detrimental to your efforts to correct the problem.  I educate my clients on how to correctly discern between these two very different types of hair loss.  This has to be done in order to approach the most minute hair condition.  As I do with all of my clients, I will teach you how to tell the difference between hair breakage and hair shedding and propose solutions to help you battle both of these problems.







Identifying Hair Breakage

Trichorrhexis Nodosa is a diagnosis I make in my treatment center very often.  In laymen’s terms it simply means “hair breakage”.  Broken hairs do not shed “naturally” from the head as a result of the natural growth cycle of hair; it is most often an indicator of abuse or styling issues.  Breakage occurs most often as the hair ages; more commonly the ends of the hair fibers have the tendency to split and tear as a result of wear and tear.  Styling issues that result in breakage are most commonly noticed in the crown area from tight ponytails.  Styles that are pulled too tightly and the wrong kind of hair accessories may “cut off” and break your hair.  Also, using the wrong styling implements can wreak havoc on your mane, i.e. excessive heat from blow drying, flat irons, fine tooth combs, non-natural bristled brushes, etc.

Hair breakage may occur anywhere on the shaft of the hair strand.  This includes very close to the scalp which will affect the density of the hair.  Hair that has the tendency to break must not be confused with hair loss due to pathological reasons that are caused by an unbalance of the normal hair functions that mainly require diagnosing prior to treating.

Other causes of hair breakage may result from the over processing of hair chemicals.  If your mane has been treated with chemical relaxers or coloring the overlapping of these products during retouch services may cause devastating results.  These services should always be done by professionals.

What is Hair Shedding?

There is a cycle of hair growth; this cycle occurs in three phases:  Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.  Once a strand of hair is shed normally, it takes on average 130 days for a replacement to completely appear in its place.  Unless, hair shedding is a result of a medical issue you should have no concern.  In essence, hair shedding is to be expected and considered the result of a normal functioning, healthy scalp.

The Anagen phase is the active growth phase of hair.  Considerably, it is the longest phase of the hair growth cycle and it may vary from 2 to 6 years.  The majority of hairs on our heads are in this growth phase.  The Catagen phase is referred to being the intermediate phase of the hair cycle.  The growth of the hair ceases completely and the duration of this phase is approximately three weeks; relatively, short in comparison to the Anagen phase.  Hair does not grow during the Telogen phase; however, it remains attached to the hair follicle.  At the conclusion of this phase, the old hair falls off (sheds) and leaves a new hair in its place thus commencing the Anagen phase.  This starts the growth cycle over again.

Most shedding is simply nature taking its course of action; however, if you notice extreme hair loss from shedding or loss of hair in addition to a myriad of other problems, I urge you to seek professional assistance from a Trichologist, or medical provider.

I always encourage my clients to evaluate their fallen strands of hair.  Does it possess a white bulb? Is it long or is it short?  Sometimes, these are tale tell signs of what is happening to your hair.  If the evaluated hair is short and in varying lengths normally this is a result of breakage; if the hair is longer (with the bulb attached) most times this hair has been shed naturally.

At the end of its growth cycle, a hair strand naturally falls from the scalp with its tiny white, root attached to it.  This bulb is not the actual root of the hair which is located deeply beneath the scalp.  This visible bulb can easily be seen at the end of the hair shaft that begins nearest to the scalp.  Because at the end phase of this cycle before shedding the hair it ceases to produce melanin (color) which makes the bulb look white or transparent.  Case in point – you would be unable to ever grow hair again in the location where you lose the actual hair root; however, in normally shedding hair is replaced in the healthy scalp. This is why Traction Alopecia can be so devastating; the prolonged tension associated with this type of hair loss most times results in the pulling out of the actual hair root which can cause permanent damage.

Most of my clientele are women.  Although hair shedding is normal, please keep in mind there are instances in which shedding is prolonged and exaggerated.  Due to abnormal hormone levels after childbirth many women experience postpartum shedding.  I have observed and treated other reasons which add to the increase of hair shedding:


  • Estrogen overload-menopause, birth control and menstrual cycles
  • Excessive styling that places undue stress on the hair follicle
  • Dietary abnormalities-poor eating habits, crash diets, lack of protein enriched foods
  • Medical concerns-thyroid disorders, anemia, poor blood circulation and other chronic disorders
  • Medications/treatments-surgeries, anesthesia, certain medications and treatments i.e. chemotherapy

Of all of the reasons for premature hair loss, by far the most common is the type of shampoos and conditioners out in the market today.  Many of the shampoos today have soaps and detergents that generate massive lather but place a severe strain on the hair and scalp.  They also contain alcohol or deodorized kerosene that strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture.

Your scalp makes out little better.  This is especially important in the area of hair loss because living hair is located beneath the scalp.  The visible part of hair is actually dead and composed of proteins.  So, whatever damage to the hair is caused by harsh ingredients found in shampoos on the scalp and can’t be corrected by treating the visible hair.  Detergents and alcohol can irritate the scalp by causing itching and flaking and impair proper circulation of blood.

Have you ever noticed this?  You try a new shampoo and it makes your hair look and feel wonderful for a little while.  After a month or two your hair looks dull and feels atrocious.  You switch shampoos and everything is absolutely wonderful again…then, the cycle repeats again and again and again.


Our First Line of Defense

As a professional who prides herself on treating hair and scalp issues, I wouldn’t dare recommend discontinuing the use of shampoos.  However, the continued use of most shampoos will result in hair and scalp damage.  Fortunately for you, there is a very reasonable remedy.

As I mentioned, my treatment center services many with varying degrees of hair loss and assist countless others online.  I have found a hair care regimen to Stop Hair Loss in 5 Days!  Seriously, when I started practicing in the field of Trichology I was introduced to an amazing line of products that is all natural and produces amazing results.  It is, so amazing that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on its purchase.  Initially, we treat our in-house client after performing “The Hair Test” on day one and instruct them on how to administer the products on the remaining four days if they choose not to come in for the services.  I also, provide the same instructions to our online customers along with the Hair Test Summary to be used at the conclusion of the 5 day test.  The results have been phenomenal.

I have included “The Hair Test” and the “Hair Test Summary” in this book, especially for you!  The only negative I have received during this “testing” period has been my stringent instructions on the limitations for additional hair products and styling.  I always try to respond from a professional perspective and not from a personal (feminine) one.  It is difficult not to be conscious and exhibit a little vanity about your appearance; however, what do you have to lose, but more hair?  If you got 5 days, I have a solution for you the Revitalize™ All Natural Hair Care System!

How Does It Work?

From the onset you will notice the difference in Revitalize™.  For instance, Revitalize™ does not work up into great mounds of lather like other shampoos do.  That is because the natural ingredients in Revitalize™ Shampoo and Conditioner help prevent hair loss by avoiding the common mistakes of most manufacturers adding soaps, alcohol, artificial scents or colors.  Revitalize returns your hair and scalp to the state that Nature intended.

Revitalize™ is good for all hair types.  Whether your hair is oily, dry or normal it will benefit from the unique combination of natural ingredients found in Revitalize™ Shampoo.  These fine products may be used by everyone in the family.  It provides the hair with a minty tingle that can be even enjoyed by the smallest family member.

Revitalize™ provides more benefits than just eliminates the negative aspects of shampoos.  It actually helps to create an environment that promotes the growth of dormant hair and encourages a healthy luster to come through that is already there.



Added Benefits

There have been many documented hair and scalp problems that have been improved from the use of Revitalize™ Shampoo and Conditioner.  For my mature clientele Revitalize™ has been shown to remove the yellow discoloration from white and graying hair.  It is environmentally safe because it is made from all natural ingredients.

Conditioning vs. Coating

Most conditioners found on the market today are manufactured to have a negative pH which in turn produces a positive electrical charge.  When that comes in contact with the negative charge that naturally exists on your hair, an electrical bond is formed that coats each hair.  Eventually, that coating becomes so thick that your hair becomes weighed down and seems lifeless.  T ha point most people require a clarifying, deep cleansing shampoo, to remove the build-up.  Unfortunately, further damage to hair and scalp are caused by the added harshness of clarifying shampoos which have an even higher concentrate of alcohol and detergents.

Revitalize™ Conditioner not only helps make hair softer and easier to manage, it helps overcome scalp dryness and irritation that can cause premature hair loss.  When used in addition with Revitalize™ Shampoo, this amazing conditioning treatment helps to return your hair and scalp to the condition that Nature intended.  These products actually work below the scalp to help achieve a state of resilience and health you probably never imagined was possible.

This conditioner helps to build healthier hair in two distinct ways.  First, it nourishes hair and scalp with essential vitamins and minerals, and moisturizes that add luster and manageability without producing a dull film or coating.  Second, while other conditioners actually seek to create a negative electrical charge on scalp and hair so that the individual hairs will cling together, the Revitalize™ Conditioner is pH neutral and will never cause damaging product build-up on your hair or scalp.  All types of hair will benefit from the wholesome, natural ingredients.  For best results, use this conditioner as directed in conjunction with the Revitalize™ Shampoo.
















Just use the Revitalize All Natural Hair Care System™ as directed.  BE SURE TO USE EVERYDAY FOR FIVE DAYS.  Finish the hair test summary after completion of the hair test.

  1. Comb your dry hair forward 30 times onto a piece of white paper before usingRevitalize™ Shampoo and Revitalize™ Conditioner.  Do not comb or brush your hair for six hours before performing the hair test.
  2. Count the number of hair strands on the paper and write that number in the space (Initial Hair Loss) provided.
  3. Apply Revitalize™ Shampoo and Revitalize™ Conditioner as directed for five days.  No other hair care products (or extreme hair styling) should be used during these five days.
  4. At the end of the five days do the count again.  Comb your dry hair forward 30 times onto a piece of white paper.  Count the number of hair strands on the paper and enter that number on the space (Hair Count After) provided.  Remember, do not comb or brush hair for six hours before testing.



Date Test Began ______________________

Initial Hair Loss

(Numbers of hairs on paper) ____________


Date Test Concluded ___________________


Hair Count After Using

Revitalize™ Shampoo and

Revitalize™ Conditioner for 5 days ________







STEP 1:  Immediately before washing hair, brush hair and scalp with a natural (boar) bristle brush.  We recommend a minimum of 100 strokes for men and 150 strokes for women.


We know it is tempting to skip the thinning, balding and receding areas, but that is where it is most important to brush.  You may notice that hair is coming out on the brush.  These are hairs from weakened follicles that would have fallen out soon anyway.  It is best to get rid of them now to allow the follicle to re-grow stronger, healthier hair.


Brushing Method:  Place the bristles at a 45 degree angle to your hair line and move firmly to the back portion of the top of your head.  Move the brush along your hairline until all hair has been thoroughly brushes.  Then place the brush at the back of your head angled down.  Brush firmly all the way down to your neckline.  Keep repeating this procedure until you have completed a minimum of 100 strokes (men) or 150 strokes (women).


STEP 2:  Thoroughly wet hair and apply half a capful of Revitalize™ Shampoo.  Use the tips of your fingers to massage the shampoo into your scalp for 15 to 20 seconds.  Revitalize™ Shampoo is made with natural coconut oil and does not contain detergents so lather will be minimal.

Do not increase the amount of shampoo in an attempt to increase the lather.  You will waste your product.

Rinse thoroughly.  Reapply half a capful of shampoo and massage into scalp with the tips of your fingers for two minutes.  This is important in achieving the stimulation necessary to return your scalp to the healthy, moist, supple condition needed to re-grow.  Allow shampoo to remain on your hair for an additional two minutes.  Rinse thoroughly.

STEP 3:  Apply Revitalize™ Conditioner.  Gently, massage into hair and scalp.  Allow product to remain on hair for approximately one minute.  Rinse thoroughly.

Remember, the stimulation your scalp receives from brushing and massaging are extremely important in saving and restoring your hair.  Be sure to go through all three steps every day.

PLEASE NOTE:  You may experience bumps or pimples on your scalp (this is common).  These are dormant hairs pushing their way to the surface of the scalp and a positive sign of hair re-growth.

What’s Next?

Your use of the Revitalize™ All Natural Hair Care System for 5 days has accomplished more than just showing you a dramatic decrease of hair loss.  Much of the accumulated build-up from other shampoos and conditioners are gone.  Your scalp and hair follicles have begun the process of being nurtured and moisturized which is crucial for healthier hair.  The ingredients found in this all natural hair care system in addition with the massaging and brushing you have done significantly increased the flow and circulation of blood to your scalp.

The manufacturers of Revitalize™ products never use artificial colors or fragrances, only the finest botanicals and natural ingredients that cleanse, moisturize and much more.  These ingredients promote your hair and scalp’s ability to overcome the harmful effects caused by years of exposure to the chemicals found in other hair care products.

Now that you have seen the benefit of these products, what’s next in your mane health journey?  It’s not only what your hair acquires topically (put on it) but also what it receives internally (put in it).  Check your diet.  Make sure you are getting enough protein either from chicken and fish or from beans and soy bean products.  Chlorine can be very drying and damaging to hair, scalp and skin.  It is added to every municipal water system to kill bacteria.  Long term effects can lead to serious medical problems; short term exposure has been found to be responsible for premature hair loss and other hair and scalp maladies.  You may want to add a chlorine filter to your home water system.

Don’t Take Our Word For It… (comments from a few customers of the Revitalize All Natural Hair Care System™)


“Since I started using Revitalize Shampoo, I’ve noticed a gradual regrowth and can honestly say the shampoo promotes hair growth as well as diminishing the amount of hair usually lost during washings.  People are always commenting on how great my hair looks.  I was skeptical but now I’m convinced that your products are the best for the promotion of hair growth and overall healthy hair.”

A.S., Los Angeles, CA



“The claim that it stops hair loss is true.  Previously, my pillow would be covered with hair, as well as the bathroom sink when I combed my hair in the morning.  To me, this is the best shampoo I have ever used and I will continue to use it.”

A.P., Danbury, CT



“I combed my hair onto a white piece of paper and counted 10 hairs that had fallen out.  I repeated the test after one week of using Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner, and to my surprise, no hairs were noticed on the paper.  One added plus is my hair feels fuller and healthier.  My congratulations for a product that really works”.

G.G., Hastings-on-Hudson, NY




“I had bad dandruff and psoriasis – this definitely helped me.”

M.H., Stamford, CT




“I am truly impressed! I love it! I no longer end up with a handful of hair in the morning when I wash and brush my hair.  And your conditioner lets my brush run right through.  Thanks!”

K.M., Baytown, TX





For years I have helped countless of women dealing with various issues relating to hair and scalp issues.  Since I added the Revitalize All Natural Hair Care System™

to my select arsenal of products the results have been phenomenal.


Try your very own Revitalize All Natural Hair Care System™ today, it’s risk free!


I truly hope you enjoyed this special report.  If you any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected] .







Jay G. Fromer, President

Products of Nature International, Inc.






Your Friend,


Stephanie Anderson


Stephanie Anderson

Trichologist and Natural Health Professional

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