Meet Stephanie

I am an Author, Advice Columnist, Cosmetologist, Instructor, Medical Hair Loss/Hair Replacement Specialist, Trichologist and Natural Health Professional and these are all well earned accomplishments. However, my greatest achievements to date are as a devoted daughter to my parents, little sister to my sister and brother, best friend and wife to my husband and loving mother to our children; the lyrics to the song, “Men in My Life” from the 2004 album My Everything by Anita Baker sum up of my feelings about my role in the lives of my best friend/husband and our sons.

My earliest and fondest memories revolve around hair. As a hair professional I started in this industry over two decades ago (not to mention the countless years I spent before then braiding and my time as a kitchen-“tician” before seeking to become licensed). I am a board certified and licensed Cosmetologist and certified in Hair Replacement, Medical Hair Loss, Trichology and Health and Wellness. Through my books, videos and daily practice I educate countless others on how to achieve and maintain healthier mane and scalp.

I am a healthy hair advocate and considered a professional in the practice of Trichology, the author of “Your Mane Health: Secrets to Healthy Hair and Scalp Revealed” and “5 Steps to a Perfect Press”.

Even with all of those achievements life still has its ups and downs. Being originally from Oklahoma and having recently relocated to Texas I found myself in a quandary. What will I do? For years I owned and operated Stephanie’s Shear Expressions (a salon) in Oklahoma City while also being gainfully employed close to seventeen (17) years for Medicare Services.

In 2007, I found myself in a new state with my family with no contacts, no customers with very few resources available. The beauty industry is huge in San Antonio and is heavily saturated, although hair is my passion I did not know if I wanted to “break in” this established market. I know very well the hard work and discipline required to own and operate a successful business. I decided to take some time to consider all of my options. In the meantime, I found a good salaried position that allowed me to utilize my Bachelors degree in Management. I became the Program Manager for a newly acquired contract for Medicare which required a lot of traveling to and from Pennsylvania. Fast forward, I successfully hired staff, organized training, review processes and everything that was needed to ensure that the endeavor would be successful. A little more than six months into my employment the contract was secured and the new program was safe and the jobs of the employees hired were secure. Approximately, one week later, I lost my job due to a reduction in workforce January 2009; I became a national statistic. During that time a staggering 100,000 jobs were reported lost nationwide that very same week, including mine.

I found myself recounting the words I heard just days prior from my pastor and I took them to heart. He told a story of how unrestrained hurricane winds were approaching the coast as countless cars full of people were fleeing their home and possessions for safety. Noticeably, there were a few vehicles entering the coastal area with surf boards mounted on top. One of the fleeing residents asked the newcomers if they were aware of the impending storm; there answer was a simple, “yes”. They explained the tumultuous winds presented ideal surf conditions for them. Simply put, my pastor said, “one person’s perception of a calamity is another’s perception of opportunity”.

From that I chose to open my first internet enterprise, Trinity Lace Wigs. We are a leading supplier of lace wigs and hair replacement products on the web. Shortly after launching the website, I realized the need for a brick and mortar location. Trinity Lace Wigs & Unisex Salon has been strongly established in the San Antonio area since May 2010.

After praying for years about a way to help the epic number of those who are suffering from various hair and scalp maladies I decided to establish the Mane Health website. As a result of my continued education I have started to incorporate my business to extend to hair restoration, healthy hair care with emphasis on health and wellness.

My mission is to service people who are experiencing hair and scalp maladies by 1) STOP their hair from falling out, 2) restore lost hair and 3) if 1 and 2 are not viable options to customize realistic hair replacement for them. I am determined in helping yet others with mild to moderate hair concerns restore and correct and maximize their potential for healthier, longer and stronger hair.

In my treatment center I see everyday how devastating, emotionally and traumatic hair and scalp issues can be and I individualize a plan of action for each of my customers who come to me for treatment. I realize there is a need on a grand scale for my services. I created this site for those who are unable to come visit me personally but still want to benefit from my experiences and information I can teach them and thank God this is all possible through the internet.