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A lot of personal trial and error on my part has happened over the years, even as a professional.  I have included a wealth of information in this site just for you!  I want you to benefit from the things I learned about hair care (good and bad) without you having to experience the bad first hand.  Remember, every hair scenario cannot be covered in cosmetology school; life experiences were my best teachers.

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How To Stop Losing Hair in 5 Days

E-book: “How To Stop Losing Hair in 5 Days” –

The Trade Secrets of Professionals.   This e-book contains helpful information and advice on how to distinguish between hair breakage and hair shedding and propose solutions to treating these problems.  Also, included is this well written book is an easy to follow HAIR TEST and HAIR TEST SUMMARY       to be taken in the privacy of your own home.  This guide offers some of the most useful hair-related information available today…AND a trade secret of hair professionals everywhere.