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Mane Health is devoted to assisting women in their pursuit of healthier hair and scalp.  I practice, educate, promote and facilitate healthy mane (hair), scalp, treatments, shampoos, conditioners, foods for hair health, styling and more.  Whether your hair is relaxed, chemically treated, natural or transitional you will benefit from the information on this website.

A lot of personal trial and error on my part has happened over the years, even as a professional.  I have included a wealth of information in this site just for you!  I want you to benefit from the things I learned about hair care (good and bad) without you having to experience the bad first hand.  Remember, every hair scenario cannot be covered in cosmetology school; life experiences were my best teachers.

If you are constantly searching the internet for hair tips on websites, blogs, forums, articles, videos, etc. your search is over.

  • Learn how to acquire and retain healthy hair regardless of its type or texture from our collection of articles, interviews, e-books, videos and more.
  • Discover healthy hair tips and techniques for styling with our video collections
  • Do you have specific goals for your hair?  Need a Hair Coach to devise a personal action plan to help you achieve your hair goals?

Everything you need to know to begin your healthy mane journey is right here!

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How do I get paid? You must have a ClickBank account to receive your affiliate commissions. It’s easy to sign up, do it now!  When you register to Become An Affiliate you’ll be asked to enter your ClickBank information.

How long are my referrals tracked? Via the ClickBank affiliate system – used by thousands of online businesses around the world. By using your unique affiliate tracking link(s), my system automatically logs who your referrals are. Should your referrals go on to make a future purchase (within 60 days), you’ll also receive commissions!

Do you offer 50% commissions on all your products and services? 50% commissions apply to all electronic products and don’t apply to hardcopy DVDs, books or personal coaching packages they are offered at a 25% commission. However, if you refer someone for one-on-one coaching for example, I’ll be happy to offer a 25% referral fee! You’ll be able to see the commission on each product in the affiliate center.

Ready to Partner with Stephanie now? Just click here, fill out the simple form, and watch your email for your unique link and information. It’s that easy!

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