Healing Hair, Naturally

Healing Hair, Naturally

This article is not an indictment of the “evils” of chemical hair services.  I provide healthy hair services for my clients with natural (no chemicals) hair as well as those whose tresses are chemically treated.  A healthy head of hair is not just indicative of chemical free tresses.

With that being said, in today’s times, it is obvious to me that there is a link between the chemicals used on the hair, the chemicals in foods consumed and hair loss.  It is my opinion the ladies of my generation seem to be caught up in the hustle and bustle of life a little more than women of generations before.  So many of us do not take time to eat the right foods let alone maintain their hair without the use of harsh products, sprays or other chemicals.

There has been a revolution of women returning to natural hair styling.  There are those women who opt to wear braids, thermal straightening, dreadlocks or even committing to the “big chop” and sporting a teeny weeny afro (TWA) and starting their own personal natural hair journey.  Even with this, many are still experiencing hair that is thinning and falling out.

Why?  There is a link between the chemicals in food and the chemicals on hair.  One major reason is that their bodies have been so contaminated with toxins that their organs have been compromised.  Without proper nourishment the organs (specifically kidney, liver and the spleen) are failing to provide sustenance to the body so it can enrich the hair.


It is a little known fact that the requirement for healthy hair means several body functions must be running properly.  The body systems of digestion, absorption, waste and enzyme distribution and usage must work together harmoniously.   The body will suffer from malnutrition, when nutrients are not absorbed through the organs.  Through my Trichology practice I have discovered that statistically a lot of women (in the United States) are experiencing hair loss as a residual effect of malnutrition.  In some other countries the diets of women are more balanced nutritionally.  These diets include fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and few meat products.  It has been proven that in addition to having beautiful, healthy hair they also suffer from fewer female problems.

It is interesting that rarely these women experience any hair or scalp maladies.  The reason for this is because their organs are being well fed and consequently providing nourishment to the hair.  Many times women from other cultures experience hair loss once they come to the United States.  Why?  Interestingly enough, once they are introduced to the diet of the ordinary US consumer which is packed with all kinds of food additives and chemicals, they will start to exhibit problems with not only their hair but their skin (with acne, blotches and blemishes) and other organs.

Additives in food create toxins in the human body and are a major contributing factor to organ dysfunction.
For so many years we have taken for granted the importance of healthier eating and a low stress lifestyle.  Due to this, we are now seeing the consequences.

I have always said that I am more successful at prescribing topical hair solutions to my customers for their hair problems than convincing them on eating better, supplementation and minimizing stress.  It is important that we all take a step back to examine what we can do for ourselves to make our lives better.

Women need to eat foods that harmonize and nourish their bodies.  Next, installment we will continue this topic by examining the little changes that will mean a lot.

Until then, if you are interested in learning more about healthier living visit Nature’s Sunshine page athttp://manehealth.mynsp.com

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